End of School Year (and of Quarantining?)

So we are quickly approaching the end of the school year and continuing to adapt to the continued challenges and opportunities presented by remote learning and continued quarantining……

The emotional and financial toll of the COVID quarantine continues to grow as students become increasingly frustrated about cancellation of typical end of year activities, school staff struggle to find ways to effectively factor in a myriad of variables while accurately (and compassionately) assessing student performance, parents juggle a delicate balance of work – if they are still employed – and other homelife activities and everyone tries to find creative ways to maintain their sanity and engage in some sort of responsible socialization.

Although still tragic and painful for those impacted, there are signs in the US that we may have escaped without experience the worst of what was projected in terms of hospital overcrowding and deaths.  Some areas are beginning to re-open using what for the most part seem to be fairly responsible phased strategies.  To be sure, isolated examples remain of people’s frustration boiling over to physicality and violence, leaders trying to hang on the spotlight for as long as possible and politicians pandering to their voters.

Still many topics to wrestle with going forward as we begin to realize the impact of the economic shutdown but I remain confident that as a country we can find our way through it together.  We could still benefit from some stronger models of Leadership, but for all our faults and cracks I still don’t think there is another place that I would want to call home.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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