Remote Learning (and blogging again)

Well, more time on my hands and taking another course which touts the benefits of getting more familiar with blogging (it is actually a good idea – the challenge for me is just making sure that what I am writing about is relevant and engaging!).  Easier to start this time given that I have a (very) little experience with blogging and the fact that we all likely find ourselves under some sort of “quarantine” at the moment.

Like most I would assume, the subject of COVID-19 has been constantly on my mind lately and involved in (or providing an impact on) almost every conversation I have been a part of for the past few weeks.  There is plenty to feel pessimistic about but as one of my sons recently reminded me of  “… most of what is being complained about are still ‘first world’ issues…”  Not completely settled in my own mind about where I am at with the approach being taken, but I am certain that using the pandemic for political purposes (both sides) is something that I do not agree with.

Hopefully some positive things can come from this challenging period and there are some early encouraging signs……  I have been pleasantly surprised with how quickly many educational companies opened up their software platforms and are providing resources to assist students with remote learning.  It has been wonderful to see examples of parents becoming more involved in their children’s education.   Many teachers are stretching their comfort zones and using technology to enhance lessons more than ever before – I am hopeful that this will continue once we return to physical classrooms.  Parents are perhaps gaining a bit more appreciation for what the educational systems provides for their children.  I realize that there are underlying motivations / reasons for many of these positive outcomes but they are still positive!

Anyway, another day closer to the end of this pandemic.  Here’s to maintaining the positive outcomes and learning from the others.

Thanks for reading!


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