Mishmash of Thoughts……

Another week of the school year completed and now we head into our Winter break.  Along with some Spring weather (70 or so degrees) followed the next afternoon with afternoon highs in the 30s and an inch of snow!  Oh well, life in New England and I really do enjoy the changing seasons and weather……

Couple of key thoughts / observations from this week:

First, I had the opportunity this week to work with a group of 7th grade students who were  studying the Industrial Revolution.  It has been a lot of fun teaching a new group of kids (a v couple of grades older than my current placement) and I have received many compliments from other staff about how creative the lessons have been and how engaged the students have been.  In some cases, they have even argued a little amongst themselves about who gets to stand up in front of the class first and present – something that I thought they were going to be a little hesitant to do.  There were excited about sharing the games they created and acting out events and key figures for the rest of the class to try and decipher.  Maybe the presenting in front of a group was my own bias coming out??   Over the years I have learned techniques to speak to large groups – largely because I had to for my career versus it being something that comes naturally.

Secondly, I have also spent a fair amount of time reflecting the past few days about what it is that is drawing me to teaching as a second career.  I have always enjoyed working with kids  (mostly coaching) and love the feeling of satisfaction when there is a break through with a student.  I also love the feeling of being a part of something bigger than myself and giving back in some way to the larger community.  There is a certain amount of bureaucracy, paperwork and office politics that goes on everywhere but sometimes those things really are a drag.  There are so many ways for doing things more efficiently which would benefit the students but sometimes leading the change is difficult and frustrating.

Lastly, I am sure the tragic events down in Parkland, Florida have been on everyone’s minds.  I have been part of several conversations and am really torn on consolidating my thoughts on some of the recommended changes……  There are statements to be made supporting both sides of every solution and (like most things) a compromise somewhere towards the middle is likely the most prudent.  The politicizing and polarizing actions of many following such a devastating tragedy is also a bit disheartening.  We could probably have a course long discussion / debate on how to best mitigate the rise in school shootings…..

Well, enough rambling for a Saturday night……..  Thanks for reading and commenting.

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  1. I had a similar experience last year with being surprised that students were so eager to do public speaking. Maybe they learn to be afraid of it, rather than it being something inherently scary.

    I subbed for technology for 6 weeks, and one of the lessons was to create a Google Slides presentation in grades 2-5. I saved some time for the students to present in front of the class, and the biggest problem I had was that every kid wanted to present and there wasn’t enough time. I even added some scaffolding and had K and first do it as well, since it was so popular.

    Maybe if students get the opportunity to do more presentations throughout the time when many would be learning to fear them, they won’t ever get that sense like many of us did.


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