Information Overload

First, let me start by saying that I love technology…….  I am also acutely aware that I am a laggard when it comes to social media adoption.  And the fact that may would view those two statements as contradictory is not lost on me as a I type them here on my blog.  (OMG, I really now have my very own blog – that’s certainly something I never thought I would have or need!)

It is not really so much that I am against social media as it is that I have never really seen much productive use for it.  I very rarely seem to hear any story that starts with

                        “… so I was on Facebook (or any other popular social

                         media site)  the other day and …”

that wasn’t followed by a description of some sort of drama or passive aggressive behavior. In the worst examples there are even accusations of cyber-bullying.  To be fair, in some cases social media sites are perceived as adding a marginal level of value (Linked In, Indeed, Yelp, etc…) but I suppose that really depends on your perspective and how they are utilized.

Along with the type of information posted, there is also concern about the sheer volume of information and and how to keep up with it all and not feel like you are missing something.  It also feels like it is incredibly easy to get “lost” in cyber space for hours on end by reading and searching for seemingly important information – feeling good in the moment but ultimately unfulfilled and further behind in real life (or IRL as I am learning) when surfacing for air.  Many experts and studies have pointed out that we are now the most stressed and distracted as individuals have ever been.  How much of that can be attributed to the proliferation of social media and the  feeling that we need to be always connected and “in the know”?

Ok, so maybe I am exaggerating for effect a little bit but I don’t think the point is completely without merit or consideration.  Of course there are certainly advantages to social media but like with all things moderation is prudent.  For more information on the Cons (and some Pros) of social media check out the article linked below.

Please share your comments and positive social media stories.  Happy connecting!!

Social Media and Health


2 thoughts on “Information Overload

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  1. Your comments bring so many things to mind for me ! The first is -YES ! I agree on moderation, balance, and most importantly, modelling appropriate and positive uses of social media for our kids who will most certainly be using it! Looking forward to learning with you!


  2. I agree social media, especially when used as an interrupt driven mechanism can be a serious strain on mental resources and time. I worked quite a bit to get my phone to only buzz for a few specific reasons.

    I liked the couple “twitter chats” on #edprep that I’ve been to. They’re scheduled for a certain time, so they don’t interrupt anything. I think they can give teachers (called Ts in twitter, I’ve learned) an idea what their peers are actually doing around the country.

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