School Safety (part 2)

We received an update this afternoon on how our schools were planning on handling students who want to join the planned protest on Wednesday in support of the victims of the recent Parkland tragedy.   It sparked a lot of discussion and as expected a broad range of opinions.  In summary it seems like most of the discussion was primarily in two specific areas……

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School Safety

Ok, so I have been thinking about this (somewhat tangential) blog post for awhile and with no school this past week had some additional time to follow the press coverage and read a bit more on the subject.  Isn’t it time to start trying some really different strategies to solve the violence against school problem?

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Information Overload

First, let me start by saying that I love technology…….  I am also acutely aware that I am a laggard when it comes to social media adoption.  And the fact that may would view those two statements as contradictory is not lost on me as a I type them here on my blog.  (OMG, I really now have my very own blog – that’s certainly something I never thought I would have or need!) Continue reading “Information Overload”

Cautiously dipping into the social media waters…..

My first foray into actively creating a social media identity (even if it’s not completely of my own volition)…..  I am trying to keep it mind that it is often things such as this effort that we look back on favorably.    And yes, I also realize it is 2017 and that nearly everyone over the age of 7 has a social media presence!


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